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Front load washer tub leaking


Our washer is leaking from the bottom of the tow outer tub shell halves.  How difficult is it to repair? I am guessing that the gasket has failed between the two halves?  When I do get the new gasket does it go on dry or would a small bead of silicon help?

Model GLTF1040AS0

Forgot to ask.  Which is the proper repair manual for this washer?

Dry ,try tightening the screws and see if that might stop your issue.

Yeah, tried that and still leaked. Is this type of washer a major pita to pull the front off? I'm a Service Tech for an apartment complex so I have a moderate understanding of appliance repair.

Determine which screws are leaking.  Remove the screws and drill out the holes.  Replace with a nut and bolt. 
The tub is removed through the back.  Should take 1 to 8+ hours to replace the gasket depending how good you are. :)


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