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Frigidaire dishwasher-HO/CL codes flash, clicking sounds, thumping, mayhem


My machine is seriously confused. During the entire wash cycle, the HO/CL codes flash  every second; at the same time there is a clicking sound and the sound of water pulsing in the machine. Sometimes, there are thumping sounds, like a solenoid or relay is trying to go off. The machine won't come out of the wash cycle. What's going on?

Model PLDB998CC0

  The HO error code is a heat delay error. The water is not heating so the wash cycle will keep running. The CL error code is a "door switch open" code. The control doesn't detect the door latch. Thats kind of odd since the machine won't run unless the door is closed and the control detects the latch. Find the tech sheet behind the kickplate of the dishwasher and do some testing.


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