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Electrolux bullet style ice maker in french door

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Thanks AJ.  Yes, it is the same model #.  I raised the legs on the front of the fridge and it seems to help with the water dripping but it hasn't fixed it.  I will check to see if there is an ice dam in the back of the ice maker tonight. 

Ok, so I raised the legs and now I get less water out of the ice chute on the door but now the water is running down the back interior wall of the fridge.  I pulled the icemaker out and cut it off on the door panel to let it defrost.  How do I check the drain for a clog?  That would seem to be the most likely situation.  Also, is there supposed to be a drain line connected to the icemaker?  If so, where does that connect?


The defrost water from the fin and tube section of the
evaporator runs into a trough in the housing that holds
the evaporator in place in the back of the ice maker.  The
outlet for the trough lines up with a drain line
running through the insulation between the cabinet and
the liner.  The water then runs into the same drain pan
under the product as the defrost water from the freezer

Check to see if frost is build up on the ice maker evaporator... this one is in the back of the ice maker... if it is not defrosting then you need to ohm out the defrost heater should be 378ohm

Krazy thanks for the help.  I have removed the ice tray and cut the ice maker off.  It is completely defrosted.  I haven't removed the ice maker from the fridge though.  Since it is defrosted I obviously can't see a frost build up.  If I cut it back on I can lookout for that.  It seems like right now the water is running out the back of the ice maker and down the back wall of the fridge. 


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