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Electrolux bullet style ice maker in french door

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All, i'm not trying to hijack the thread but I need some help.  I have an electrolux French door fridge that keeps getting a build up of water in the bottom of the ice maker.  So much so that, when I go to get ice I have to leave a cup under the ice chute when I am done to catch the water so that it doesn't pour out on the floor.  Is there a part in the ice maker that would cause this?  Do I just need to add weather stripping to the top of the chute to fill the gap between it and the fridge door?  If so, what should I use?  Also, the back sections of my crispers freeze.  What would cause that? Thanks guys, first timer here and I appreciate any help.

Model EW23BC71IS

First your fridge must be not level or low in the front or you have an ice dam in the back... adjust the front legs to tilt the front up a little. The Ice maker should drain to the back. next I would check the ice maker evaporator for frost or ice build up around it and the vents...if the frost is build up you may have a defrost problem..

too defrost this ice maker - remove your ice tray dump the ice ... and turn it off at the dispenser control panel. place a towel at the back /under ice room. this could take up to 24 hrs.

 check the ice room for gaps take a light and shine it on the out side of the ice room look inside and check if the light comes in..if it does use weather stripping to plug the gaps..

the crisper problem is for a air leak in the damper access panel .. you can also put weather stripping around the access panel...

Ok, i'll check the level.  Is it normal for the water to be in the bottom of the ice tray like that?  It seems like the temp in the ice maker is too high because the ice doesn't freeze as hard as it should but that could also be because it is sitting in water.

On, the crisper, do I just take the panel off and put the stripping on the back of it?


--- Quote from: Wraunch on July 16, 2011, 12:40:32 PM ---All, i'm not trying to hijack the thread but I need some help. 

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Then what you should have done was start a new topic and reference the other topic with a link instead of hijacking it. :)

I have now done this for you.

Is the model number of your refrigerator also W23BC71IS as in the other topic or do you have a different model?

The ice make is its own mini freezer .. it has 4 heater and water will have to defrost off the evaporator if there is an ice dam or plugged drain .. ice will build up .. also there is fan and if the ice is build up air flow will be blocked and the whole system will have to work harder...

on the damper access .. remove the shelf and when the compressor is running/evaporator fan running check around the damper access for leak .. it should be near where the frost is building up..then seal it with weather stripping..


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