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Author Topic: Maytag A612 transmission - Replace old style with new oribital (2-6707) ??  (Read 16109 times)

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Maybe this is the problem, the tub sleeve bearing seems to be frozen on the transmission neck and there was little if any grease between the sleeve and the tub.  Perhaps this is the bearing that caused the belt to burn.

So if there a trick to removing the sleeve bearing??  I've tried squirting it with PB Blaster, prying it with a screwdriver, twisting, pulling but it just won't come off.  Unfortunately the new transmission did not come with a new sleeve bearing so I'd like to reuse the old one if possible.

Attached are pics.

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I found a spring when I removed the old mounting stem and boot seal.  This spring was around the transmission shaft.  The new mounting stem and seal kit did not include a spring and Angel's video didn't mention or show a spring.  So is this spring used only with the old transmission or should I clean it up and use it with the new transmission?

See attached photos....

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The bearing does not spin on the transmission. It spins inside the other bearing. The spring was from the old style seal and is no longer used. I would get a new bearing as long as you have it torn down. I also don't use ANY grease on the bearing or seal in fear that it may work it's way to the new seal and damage it.You will notice the new seal is pre-lubed with grease and a small amount at that.

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Hey guys, thanks for all the help and tips.  I finished the job tonight, new transmission, new mount stem & seal, new tub bearing and new belts.  All cycles work, including agitation, the machine works like new!

Now on to fixing my mother's 142 washing machine....

Maytag Transmison, part number: AP4319068

Maytag Mounting Stem Repair Kit, part number: AP4390013

Maytag Tub Bearing Kit, part number: AP4372971

Maytag Pump and Drive Belts, part number: AP4011179

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dont forget the brake tool. you will need to remove the brake at the lower end of the trans shaft you will find another bearing resting in the brake assy.this causes noise but not belt burning. when you pull out the tub the top bearing may be rusted to top trans shaft this bearing will cause binding and belt burning.also dont forget to remove torx screw from from top seal kit before using spanner tool.

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