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Our 'Let's Talk Service' board has been renamed, Professional Appliance Repair Trade.

IMHO it seems like a more appropriate name.

Hello all,

I have been an appliance technician for about 7 years. I am new to as of 20 minutes ago.

Does anyone have any suggestions/tips about the site, other than registering as a technician(how do I do this?)?


Hi appltech,

I have upgraded your account to 'Technician'.
You now have access to the "Professional Appliance Repair Trade" board.

Have fun and enjoy!


Also a repair tech in Grand Forks BC. Would like to share the info.

Hello and Welcome,

Awesome, another tech from Canada!  O0

I have upgraded your account to 'Technician'. Now go check out our Professional Appliance Repair Trade board and say hi to the other guys there.

Have fun and enjoy,


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