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step by step, almost there.

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three quarters of the way through opening an appliance repair business in busy northern Virginia. so far so good but could use some work to start coming in.
 i didn't find a lot of help with the business side so maybe this will help some one
I started with a loan for 15,000.
i contacted my state department to set up my LLC. theres company's that will do it for 200$-500$ but it was easy and i got it the next day for less than 200$. bam!! I'm an LLC.
bought a 1999 astrovan for 3500$ yep there pricey out here. but it looks good and runs great
now insurance. auto and business is about $2000 a year. a little less maybe.
truck stock. 3000$ found a good parts guy and said put me together your 100 most sold parts and items. worked great.
getting the van lettered in the morning $200
shaking every tree i can to find work now but I'm not hearing anything back. a little scary.
it's going to happen. Ive been fixing this stuff since i was 18, I'm 35 now. I'm good and learning every day.

Dude once the word of mouth gets around you will build a following as long as you do the job and do it cheap. LOL

im not really scared yet. in 2 weeks i will be but im sure ill be hard at work by then.

I see some people putting ads on Craigslist for appliance repair.  Have you tried that?

I put em on there but never got one response.


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