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Service manual/LP conversion manual for Jenn-Air JDS9860AA*

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Hi there - would anyone be able to provide me the service manual for Jenn-Air JDS9860AAP (or JDS9860AA*)?  I am trying to convert from LP to Natural Gas, and the service manual would be helpful.  On this website there is the service manual for JDS9860BD* but the parts and orifices are slightly different for the AAP model.

Supposedly the file used to be here:
But it is no longer available

Thanks in advance!

Here you go...;sa=view;down=438

Hi AJ,

Thanks!  I just followed the link and downloaded the file, but it seems to be for JDS9860BD* not JDS9860AA*.  Am I looking at the wrong link?

Same appliance different color.

Dear jumptrout51 - you have 1400 posts, so you know a lot more than I do, but my AAP model seems different than the BDP model when I look through the service manual.

The BDP model has a small and a larger burner on right, and burner head can be removed.

The AAP model has equal sized burners, and I can't figure out how to remove burner head!  They seem sealed.

Also, the PDF names are different -- the one for BDP is 16026929.pdf but based on internet searches it sounds like the AAP one is 16026780.pdf

Regardless, my main problem is: I am trying to convert back to natural gas from propane but can't find the right orifice part number.  Jennair told me to buy these orifices:
But they are male whereas the LP conversion orifices are female!

I'm not sure how to obtain the natural gas equivalent of the LP female orifices!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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