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Does this multi-meter measure ohms, if so how?

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This is a cheaper multi-meter.  I think I have been measuring OHMs with it, but, after doing research I am starting to realize that I have been most likely doing it wrong.  Does this multi-meter have what I need to measure appliances?

I can't tell from your photo, but I have never seen a multi meter that does not read ohms so I would bet it does. Looks like you may have different scales for the ohms range.

I like auto ranging meters. This fluke meter that we gaveaway at this URL is nice.
You put it on voltage or ohms and the meter does the rest.

You can pick them up new on ebay for $50-$100

Are you still doing a giveaway on that meter?  I have seen those before, I should pick one up like that.  Looks like it is easy to use and it probably beeps when you check ohms, mine does not.  I need something to make a sound at me to tell me something is working, lol

Get a good meter that you can depend upon to give you a correct reading.

Beeping is one thing. A correct ohm reading is another more important thing.


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