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NASTec Certification, breaking into appliance repair

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Hi, I have been trying to break into the appliance repair business for about 6 months now.  I started out installing appliances, but, it was family owned and some family issue got in the way so I had to leave that company.  Since that time, I have been buying and selling used appliance and fixing what I can.  I am very limited on my abilities.  I was wondering if it would be worth studying and getting a NASTec certification.  I hear it is not required for the industry, so, I was hoping to get some insight on if it is worth getting?  Thanks

Hi Ron!

It's my opinion that any certification depends a lot on what area of the country you are doing service work in.

I have been doing service work in N.E. rural South Dakota for over 20 years and I'm sure that there is not one of my customers that would care if I had NASTec certification or not.

I'm sure others in the forum will have there own opinions to voice too.

In any case welcome to our forum. I know a number of people that got into the industry by doing just what your doing, fixing up used appliances.

Good luck with what ever you decided to do and be sure to stick around and ask any appliance repair questions you have.

Ron we are here everyday. Some problems come up you ain't seen or are not sure of, post it. I will be glad to ride along with you.

Just let us know when you find the fix... Love to help but like to know if we got it right or wrong...

Thanks guys.  I will for sure be using this site as a resource.  I think you guys are what I need to give me the confidents to pull the trigger on some good appliances that just need a repair I am not familiar with. 


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