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W10415587 and W10156252 and F35 and F035 and SUD


My Maytag MHWE500VW11 washer gave me the F35 and Sud error messages and would not wash my clothes.  I discovered on the Internet this was due to a faulty analog pressure sensor, part # W10156252.  This has been apparently superseded by part # W10415587. Unfortunately, this part is not available!  It does not exist!  WTF??? For an 18-month-old Maytag washer!  I was pissed!  I'm still pissed!  BUT - I obtained part # W10312527, which is very similar to W10156252.  I had to trim a small tab off of the electrical plug (from the washer) to allow the parts to mate.  WORKS GREAT...NO F35...NO SUD...NO PISSED-OFF WIFE!!!!   O0

WHIRLPOOL W10415587 Switch, AP5264563

Good to know ya got er done Jim  O0 Preciate the info  O0

 O0 O0

For what it's worth, my parts supplier today told me that W10156252 is discontinued. He then asked if my unit was a whirlpool or Kenmore(I think he said Kenmore). (it was whirlpool). He gave me W10249845. I did a google search and it looks like this latest number is all black, rather than the original black and red. I know part color rarely makes a difference, but I'm thinking there might be different part numbers for different applications (standard, steam, whirlpool, Kenmore, etc).

Has anyone else run across similar situations with these, or related, part numbers?


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