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Appliance Repair Business & the iPad.

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The other day I bought a iPad 2 wi-fi + 3g Verizon tablet computer.

I will be using it for many things, but in the short time I have had it I'm starting to see many possible uses for it in the appliance repair industry.

Here are some ways others are using the iPad in there business.

With being able to sync to my laptop, get online via Wi-Fi or 3g and cloud computing the possibilities maybe endless.

I would be interested in talking with other appliance technicians that also have a iPad.

Together we can share ways we use the iPad in the appliance repair industry.

Hey John,  I have two iPads and do all kinds of things with them.  The one problem I find in our industry is being able to look up parts.  Most distributers are using part lookup databases that where designed before anyone even thought of tablet computing.  Other than that, we can do most everything on the iPad from communicating to doing our paperwork.

I too use an ipad . and agree with Brian I wish that the parts look up data base where designed for tablets..

Hi Brian,

How have you been?

What type of paper work are you doing on the iPad?

What programs/apps are you guys using for your business?

I just checked and I'm able to look up parts, prices and diagram with both my parts distributers on my iPad.

I believe both of them have updated there parts lookup online in the last year.

Do you guys print out invoice in the field from your iPads?

Hey John.  Been doing well and very busy.  We use myscheduleronline for our paperwork, for instant messaging, for cloud computing and we email all receipts to our customers.  Our local parts houses haven't embraced most of this new technology, but the links you provided seem to work well.  We use net books now but would really like to make the iPad our primary device.  As the technology continues to improve, we will keep getting new stuff.


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