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Kenmore 106.52552100 ice maker problems

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--- Quote from: philhyde on August 15, 2007, 09:17:52 PM ---Is there any reason I should replace the whole thing vs. just the motor part?

--- End quote ---

Good question,

We have a lot of trouble with ice makers.
There was a time when we use to replace parts in them, but a lot of the time it seems that once a ice maker starts to have trouble it's one thing after another.

You could replace the motor now and next the heater on the bottom will quit.
Replace the heater and next the thermostat may go.

Then there is the coating that flakes off and gets in your cubes.

Its often best to replace the ice maker and be done with it. :)

Thanks for the clarification!  I can certainly appreciate that.

Other then the ice maker trouble, how to you like the refrigerator?

We bought this new in 2002 and we really like it.  The ice maker was replaced once under warranty.  We also had a service call to remove ice that had formed in the fill tube.  Otherwise, not a single problem.


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