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Kenmore dryer won't shut off

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I have a Kenmore dryer that wont shut off.  I originally thought it must be the timer so i spent the $85 to buy the timer only to have it do the same thing.  If you put the timer on timed dry it will go through the the whole time period then it stops with about 5 minutes to go and just continues to run.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Model 110.66722694

I am thinking your new timer is bad.

How do i test it to see?  I have heard of stranger things happening but this one is doing the exact thing the old one was doing.  I get heat then it cools down the last 10 minutes but as it comes to the off position it just continues running.

I read another post and they mentioned something about the push to start switch but I'm miffed as to what that would have to do with my situation.  I also read where someone thought it might have something to do with the motor again I'm puzzled.  But hell it doesn't take much to confuse me.

Thanks for the help.


At the end of the cycle when the timer stops advancing I would check for voltage to the timer motor.

If you have voltage to the timer motor and it does not advance then the timer is bad.

If you do not have voltage to the timer motor at the end of the cycle when the dryer is still running then you need to trace it back with your meter to find the problem.

Interestingly this autodry type dryer does not use electronics to advance the timer motor. The power to the motor is alternated with the usage of the heating element. If the clothes are wet then the heater stays on longer. With the clothes dry the heat load from the element is no longer needed and that makes the timer motor get more power. When it gets to cool down the heater is taken out of the circuit and the motor is free to carry on over to the end after cool down. I say if the thang hangs up at the end it is a bad timer.


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