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Samsung 337 washer with VTR shakes terrible starting the spin cycle

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The washer has shaken back since new. It shakes bad when nothing is even in the drum. It acts like it needs more shock absorbers on it. If the tub spins a couple inches out of round with nothing in it, how do they think it will work with wet cloths in it? All Samsung said the problem was I needed to level the machine. When it was in warranty, I had 2 service calls and they leveled the machine each time with no difference in the shaking. I can sit on the washer and it will still shake. The machine could be bolted to the floor and it would still shake!!! The tech called Samsung and they told him that the VTR didn't do anything under 300 RPM's. They also told him the ones built now have more shocks or stabilizers built in them.  After it tries several times, it usually-finally it smooths out enough to get up to speed but it always takes at least several times. I added shake away pads but all that did was amplify the problem. I talked to several repair facilities and getting any information about fixing one of these is rare. One place told me to have a tech call Samsung and plead with a Samsung instructor of a factory service rep that it may need new springs and shocks, adding high density concrete blocks and or inner or outer basket replacement. I read where several of you say any Samsung washer with the VTR runs smooth, you haven't seen this one. What can be done or who should I talk to? It is very aggravating like it is. Between Samsung customer service and the machine itself, things would have to change a lot for me to buy another one.

Model WF337AAG/XAA  serial # 348054APB00765T

Ok I can see what the problem might be on this sucker. The balance rings are loaded with ball bearings. But the ball bearings are not completely around the rings. They are floating in the rings. if they were to get some goop in there that would cause the balls to be sluggish in moving around the in there. They would instead of steadying the tub make it worse. OR Maybe you have something between tubs throwin that dude out of balance:

In the video where it shows a simulation of the Samsung and the conventional spinning, mine is just about like the conventional....the tub is not smooth at all even when it's empty. The commercial is good. The product I have is not. There has to be something wrong with mine because they could never sell any the way this one shakes.

sound like you have an out of round inner tub . have seen it before must replace the inner tub and rear half

Is that pretty easy to spot?


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