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Looks like i must replace the xmission in this washer sounds like a bearing is out or on its way out. Do u pull the whole basket asy out the front than start working on it?? Is there anything else I should replace at the same time??? seals bearing etc??

Any info would b great this is my first ge xmission job ..  this  jpg

Model s3700e4ww

ya, you pop the 4 suspension rods off the bottom of the tub/drive assembly pull it all out the front and work on it on the floor

you change the trans,bearing and tub seal at the same time, ask where you buy cause i know the factory rebuilds i buy up here come with the bearing and seal, the nw fatory trans doesn't include them, both new and used have the same warranty so i use the rebuild to keep the price down

btw, easy way to pop the agitator off is a piece of strap like a seat belt etc

oh.... and change the belt if there is any oil under there


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