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ice dispenser not working after power outage

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I live in N. Alabama and we had those storms come through a couple weeks ago. We didn't have any serious damage here thank goodness but were without power for several days. When it came back on the ice dispenser on my Whirlpool Gold Side-by-side would not drop ice. It makes ice just fine, and when you hit the paddle to get ice, the lcd screen lights up, but it doesn't release ice. The water dispenser does work. This model has the in-door ice bin.


remove the ice bin and check the ice chute is clear of and ice that may be stuck . dump out all the old ice . replace the ice bin and try the paddle . do you hear the damper door open? if you do them just wait for the ice maker to make new ice.

I've tried that. it's not making any noise. The door opens, but it appears that the agitator(?) motor isn't running. I've read that some models have a reset for prolonged power outages, could this be it, or is it something more?

the Auger motor may be frozen or shorted . You can remove motor check to see if it is full of ice... when the freezer is out of power . ice melts and wter drips down the Auger motor then freezes  it .

Call me retarded, but how do you get the motor out???


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