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Frigidaire Elements Range shows PF after self cleaning

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This is a three-year-old range with an oven that is used maybe twice a month.  We ran the self-clean for the second time since owning it.  We baked once with it then the next day it started showing "PF".

The control pad is now unresponsive (I believe it is an EC510 unit).  In this post I found RegUS_PatOff describing how to hold the BAKE and BROIL buttons together then pressing the timer.  That got the display showing whether the front door was open or closed with the message "Dr-C" and "Dr-O".  The plastic on the rangetop backsplash, mostly around the oven vent, looks warped.

Is there a document available that describes the diagnostic modes of the electronic controls?  The service manuals available through the electrolux links don't have any such info.

Is there a known issue with the venting from the oven on these models?

Thank you


"PF" is a power failure

try this for a service manual


Here is the correct one

Thank you for the responses but...

I should have stressed this is a gas range.  I may be mistaken about the ES510 panel but it has the same layout (different color though) as the ones described in the given link for electric ranges and the equivalent gas manual.

The range was made in 2007 and the link krazytech offered and similar seem to stop at 2005.  As I mentioned, in another post RegUS_PatOff started to describe button-press combinations that are not found in these service manuals.  Also, the "Dr-C" and "Dr-O" codes are not described anywhere.

PF has always meant power failure in the past.  Since the keypad is mostly unresponsive, I'm guessing it is an artifact of some power-up check that it gets stuck in the display.  The hope is there is some key combination to force it to display errors or to decipher the necessary repairs from the DrC/DrO message.

Thank you


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