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Whirlpool Imperial Series Washer Not Spinning

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Model Number: LSN2000PW2
This washer is 5 years old and we have never had a problem with it. Today after doing a load of wash I went to empty it and saw that everything was soaking wet. I ran the washer again and saw it fill up, agitate and drain all as it should but it never spun. I reached in and turned the agitator by hand one turn, closed the lid and it started to spin normally, next spin cycle came up and when it didn't start spinning I did the same thing and it went normally again.
I see a bunch of people having this same kind of issue with this model but I'm not seeing anyone actually saying when could be the problem.Can someone help me out here please?


You might have what was wrong with mine saturday. The kisa washed a bunch of the thro  w rugs that the dogs sleep on. They overloaded the washer and stripped out the plastic coupler without breaking it. It was not noticably broken so i removed the transmission and the tub looking for the problem. I installed another transmision and it still would not spin. I took the pump off and obserbed the motor and the shaft was spinng very good. I took a closser lok at that coupler an found the problem only after I had the whole dang thang tore slap apart :rofl:

I'm going to open it up tomorrow and take a look, but what exactly am I looking for here? If there is something broken I'm sure I'll see it but if something is just worn out, how am I going to be able to tell? What am I looking for here?

This video shows how to replace a broken drive coupling:

I had a stripped out coupling. Click on photos to enlarge:


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