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Whirlpool Duet Washer HF error code

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May i ask the proper procedure for testing the meter?

The tech sheet suggest testing for proper resistance. I'm not sure of the value, but it's probably on the tech sheet. I suspected that was the problem, so I just switched it out? Problem solved.

I figured the pressure switch was the primary water level switch, while the flow meter was the high fill back up.... :oops:

Kevin Frazier:
Hi - thanks for this! I had the exact problem with the exact washer.  Had a repair guy look at it, he said replace the CCU.  Wanted to charge $325.  I found a cheap refurb online, replaced CCU, no change.  Cleaned out water supply from wall to drum, including dispenser, with no luck.  I was considering replacing the pressure switch when I found this article - went to Lowes and got sixty cents of tubing, and my problem was solved.  I would recommend to anyone getting the "FH" error that they check the pressure switch tubing before anything else.  THANKS AGAIN!!!   :cheers:

That's awesome, thanks for sharing!


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