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Front Load Direct Drive Washers No Spin or Wet Clothes


Maytag and Whirlpool Front Load Direct Drive Washers No Spin or Wet Clothes Complaint

Model Numbers:

Serial Numbers: Prior to C053

Customer Concern:
 The customer may experience the washer not completing the cycle, not spinning, not draining or wet clothes at the end of the cycle.

 1-Single item loads may create an “off balance” condition that will prevent the washer from reaching full speed spin. 2-If this is not the case, the control software may be detecting an out of balance condition.

 If the cause is item #2 above, Order and replace the Central Control Unit (CCU). The software has been updated to resolve these complaints.

Model #           Part #
WFW94HEX*0    W10384503
WFW95HEX*0    W10384504
WFW97HEX*0    W10384505
MHW6000X*0    W10384506
MHW7000X*0    W10384507

Hi there, i was looking into buying this washing machine and i was noticing all the negative reviews on the no spin or long balancing times. If i buy the washer tomorrow how can i make sure i have the new board in it and also how has the new board helped out the balancing problems. thank you


If the serial number starts with C101 or later, it should have the updated control in it.  In the serial number, C means it was built in the Clyde, Ohio plant. The next digit is the year, 0 = 2000, 1 =2001.  The next 2 digits are the week it was manufactured.

Not sure if serial number code still applies.  Seems like Whirlpool has been using the same code scheme for more than 10 years and the 1 following the C can either be 2001 or 2011.  My brand new (Nov 2011) WFW97HEXL2 has C1 as starting code string.

You're right.  I meant to say 0 = 2010, 1 = 2011.  Before 2010 the year was represented by a letter, not a number. If Whirlpool keeps this code scheme, the same code will be reused every 10 years.


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