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whirlpool belt drive washer won't spin

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model la7680xmw0,serial c43878493, I keep reading about a coupler but my unit is not a direct drive so what is the cure for this one? I have checked the lid switch and water level switch with my multimeter and they have passed so what is next to fix this thing?

Model Number: la7680xmw0

Hi mthd60sprty,

Does it sound like the motor is running during the spin cycle?

If the motor runs during the spin cycle, but the tub does not spin I would ohm out the solenoids on the wig wag.

The wig wag is #9 in the diagram I attached at the bottom. You will have to pull the washer out and take the back panel off to see it.

Whirlpool Washer Wig Wag Part # 84867

Another thing to check is the wire harness that goes to the wig wag. Check right were it goes into the center hole. The wires move a lot there and often break inside. You may not be able to see that it is broken, but maybe able to feel it or see it on the meter.

Here is a better photo of the wig wag and were to check for broken wires.

Also a photo of checking it with a ohm meter.
This one checks good in the photo. If it's bad you will get no reading.

Some wig wag instructions.

If the motor runs also take a look at the plunger as show in the instruction diagram.
I have seen were the plunger will get bent or the rivet bends or brakes.

If the motor don't run and your sure the lid switch is ok then the timer maybe bad.

Sometimes when the timers go bad you can wiggle the timer knob back and fourth during the spin cycle to make it kick in and spin.

In august we discussed this and I did put in a new wigwag and it worked great but now,it goes really slow and at times wont't spin at all,should I again recheck the wigwag or where shouls I look at now?


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