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Whirlpool Dryer Stopped Drying (LER8858EQ2)

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The bias thermostat mounts on the blower housing and controls the heat in the drum. It is called a controling thermostat. By the way your thermal cutoff needs replacement. The kit comes with both the bottom and the top safety's which are mounted on the heater element chamber. Replace both of these components. Why? Because the lower one9High limit) is rated for 250 degrees F and the upper one(thermal cut-out) is rated for 300 F. Both safety's are defective. The upper one has failed. That tells me the lower one didn't do its job. Remove the lint filter housing and clean it out.Check the inner fan blower housing for trash and debris. If the dryer is totally clean and the outside vent is not blocked and that safety fails again then you have a bad bias thermostat. I have a digital thermostat I use to see what the temp is that comes out of the vent. On cotton setting the bias thermostat should shut down around 160 degrees and the temp should fall (while the dryer is running)to around 105 degrees f, then the bias thermstat clicks in and the temp rises in the drum to around 160. If the thermostat is faulty the temp will jump there to around 250 and the High limit mounted on the low end of the heater will click out. This will discolor the heating element chamber over time. Another indication of a bad cycling thermostat. Also the clothes won't be too happy either. Can you say ironing board time. LOL

WHIRLPOOL Dryer Thermal Cut - Off Kit, part number: AP3094244

Guys, I have a new issue:

I installed both thermostats from the kit and the dryer ran flawlessly for several hours but has now stopped heating. I checked everything again and the same exact thermostat (high cut-off) is dead again.

What does this suggest?

Would this be the Bias Thermostat mentioned above? In the picture which one is it again? (Is that another name for the Cycling Thermostat in the lower left?)

The bias thermostat is called the cycling thermostat in the parts directory.

Did you remove the housing that holds the filter and wash it out?

Sure did. It was pretty clean. I had just done that not that long ago. Years ago a dryer we had was taking forever to dry things. Cleaning it out turned it into Super Dryer for quite a while and I never forgot that.

So are you saying it's not the bias thermostat then?


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