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Whirlpool Dryer Stopped Drying (LER8858EQ2)

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Our dryer (which has been cleaned inside and our of all lint) has stopped drying in the middle of a cycle.

It's been about 5 years since a thermostat has been replaced (1 has). We were charged a ton to get that one fixed so I'd like to attempt this myself. I've had the back off and was an EE major long ago so I'm fairly comfortable with parts and replacement.

The question is, what exactly should I do to troubleshoot the right part and then get it quickly? We can't go a week without drying anything.

Any help on WHERE the items are that I'm looking for would be great.


Model LER8858EQ2

These parts here all need to be checked for continuity. If any of these cannot carry current then that is why you will have no heat ;D

WHIRLPOOL Dryer Thermal Cut - Off Kit, part number: AP3094244

WHIRLPOOL Whirlpool Dryer Heating Element, part number: AP3094254

WHIRLPOOL Dryer Thermal Fuse, part number: AP3132867

JW, I have some results:

I can't fully read the image you provided but here's what I got testing continuity:

Thermal Cut Off: Never budges
High Limit Thermostat: Zeros out
Thermal Fuse? (low left): Zeros out
Cycling Thermostat: This one was interesting. There are 4 connectors (North, South, East, West). I removed all 4. North/South goes to Zero. East/West jumps to 7.0 on my meter. I'm thinking this isn't a problem.

So do I understand from the above that I need a new Thermal Cut Off?

From what I see so far it comes as a kit for both this and the High Limit thermostat. I also see two. Mine appears to call for the 309 degree cut-off but there's also a 360 degree cut-off. I'm assuming it's not beneficial to get the 360 degree one? (neophyte thinking that this will allow for hotter drying)

Replace the Thermal Cutoff Kit. The readings you got from the operating thermostat are normal, the 2 top terminals are actually a heater, which explains the resistance rating between those contacts. It has been suggested by Whirlpool to also replace this bias thermostat in the event of multiple thermal cutoff failures.  Use actual wire terminal designations instead of East, West, North and South as direction plays no part in how the wiring is set up, only by color codes and reference numbers stamped on the wires and the part.

The 309 degree kit is for electric dryers, the 390o is for gas dryers.

WHIRLPOOL Dryer Thermal Cut - Off Kit, part number: AP3094244

Which one is the bias thermostat? This is the second thermostat loss in 3 years and I believe it's the same one but I'm not 100% certain. That kit looks fairly new.

Thanks again for the help. I verified that as the problem by closing the loop with a wire run and turning on the dryer for 30 seconds. It came right up.

BTW, great site here. I hope to put it to use in the future with other jobs around the house!


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