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Whirlpool Washer Leaking


Model #WTW5300SQ0, this unit began showing signs of a slow leak from under the front panel, and then got progressively worse. After removing the cabinet, I noticed water stains indicating a water leak from the bearing of the water pump. Replaced the pump and new the unit works great.

Model Number: WTW5300SQ0

I fixed one of them leaks Monday, dang thang has a bubble in it like it got overheated. Only thang I can figure is a lot of sand in the pump made it fail. I live real close to the beach

I`ve noticed a few direct drive pumps, lately, that appear that the impeller rubs a hole in the pump casing. I don`t know if this is a manufacturing problem or not. I`ve seen half a dozen or so in the  last year.

What happens is sand gets into the pump. I have seen many of them like that. Iworked at an appliance parts store for 11 years.


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