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Maytag Neptune MAH4000AWW Bearing Replacement (loud noise during spin)

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After reading several times that the bearings had to be purchased with an entire tub assembly, I did find an online shop that would provide the bearings in my Maytag Neptune MAH4000AWW:

QTY: 1      # 22002934      BEARING- Front
QTY: 1      # 22003441      BEARING- Rear

MAYTAG 22002934 Bearing, Front, AP4027296

MAYTAG 22003441 Bearing, Rear, AP4027027

Because the bearings had damaged the shaft, I bought a new support shaft:

MAYTAG W10181639 Support, AP4324795

I also put in a new seal kit.

When I assembled the machine, it would only spin up intermittently. I traced this to wires I had removed from the motor. It was the 3 wires (white/blue/black) on the back of the motor, which is the connection on the printed circuit board for the tachometer on the motor, which had gotten loose from the circuit board. The circuit board has part # 295901 printed on it, and the printed assembly part number is B02323802B000. It can be soldered.

Hope to be washing clothes tomorrow. I'll order a new wax motor (the new and improved black shaft, part # 12002535). Also, plan to install a 500ma quick blow fuse for the brown power wire on the wax motor assembly. And finally, replace the 4 transistors that seem to fail on the main circuit board.

I'll get this done BEFORE I blow an R11 !!!!!

Hope this helps somebody.

The sizes for the two bearings are:

QTY: 1      Maytag # 22002934      BEARING- Front - 6207-2RS - size: 35x72x17
QTY: 1      Maytag # 22003441      BEARING- Rear - 6206-2RS - size: 30x62x16

MAYTAG 22002934 Bearing, Front, AP4027296

MAYTAG 22003441 Bearing, Rear, AP4027027

The seal kit, Maytag part # 12002022, seems to have a custom seal made for Maytag, although the dimensions are simple enough. The shaft is 2 inches, and the hub that it fits in is 3 inches. In a pinch, you could probably use a standard seal from the local seal supply shop. There are other bits in the kit; a small tube of graphite (or molycoat) to coat the shaft with, a little plastic cup to be use as a seal installation tool, new "improved" bolt and washer (eliminates the washer with a tang on it) for the main drive pulley. Also, three new nuts for the main support shaft (the part that you're putting the bearings and the seal around!), and some little plastic clips that I didn't know where they were intended to go. The thing that was missing is the three little plastic washers that go between the support shaft mounting and the stainless steel basket.

MAYTAG 12002022 Lip Seal Kit, AP4009088

My electric motor drive belt, Maytag part # 12001788, was still in great shape, but obviously there is a greater strain on that belt with bad bearings. If the bearings seized, then expect to replace this.

MAYTAG 12001788 Kit, Belt & Isolator, AP4009041

I got my new Door Latch "Wax Motor", Maytag part # 12002535 installed today. This is the one that has a black tip. Don't be cheap and not change this just because yours has not failed and smoked some electrical components with it. I actually found this on the parts link from this website for less than $9. Other places advertise up to almost $20. (I have no financial connection whatsoever with this website). I was super impressed that they quoted 3-4 days to arrive by Fedex ground, and I ordered after 4pm, but it shipped out from Fresno, California that night, and arrived at my door midday in San Diego, California the next day !!! Thank you for the very prompt service at the best price  O0

MAYTAG 12002535 Wax Motor Kit, AP4009198

Finally, if you're going through all this work of changing the bearings, it's probably time to replace the door boot seal, Maytag part # 12002533. This new part has a drain on the bottom that my old one did not have. Plus my old one was dripping a little water. This drain is plugged when shipped, but is apparently used on other models. It looks like you can drill a hole in one of the nipples just below it in the front tub cover, Maytag # 22003212, and connect a drain hose, Maytag # 22003071 or 22004477,  between the two to drain the door boot seal.

MAYTAG 12002533 Door Boot Drain Kit, AP4010226

MAYTAG 22003212 Tub Cover with Seal, AP4028913

MAYTAG 22004477 Door Boot Drain Hose, AP4028203

Great topic and information.

Thanks for sharing it with us.  O0

Bad news. The Chinese made bearings have failed, so I get to replace them again !!!

I hope that the support shaft wasn't damaged also.

That's to bad, hope the support shaft is ok.


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