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Jenn Air exhaust fan switch is BROKEN

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Hi! I managed to pry out the switch from under the metal plate. The actual switch is broken. I think someone tried to fix it once before...I called Jenn Air, the part is  PS2002868. It is no longer available. What can I do, what switch can I replace this with? The wires are intact, its just that the plastic is broken, I need a new switch in there...I havent called a local appliance repair yet, because I am not sure they can actual rebuild something, they like to order parts...and I know that wont work..HELP

Model CG 206 B


I looked up your model number and the factory part number for the fan switch is, part # 704573

The PS2002868 you listed I believe is a partselect number. Did Jenn Air really give you a PS part number?

I checked with our affiliates, sears and two whole sale parts dealers I work with. All of them listed the switch as (NLA) no longer available.

I even looked on ebay for you, but did not see one listed at this time.

You maybe out of luck.

About how old is it?

here are some pics...

two more

Is this the switch, part # 12001129


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