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Looking for a service manual and help on my Kenmore refrigerator model no:363.9530713 serial no: 140213968.The problem that I'm having is with the despenser on the door.When you put a glass against the pad,nothing happens,no matter what position the select lever is in,no ice,no water ,no crushed ice.The ice maker works,but the in door despenser does not.Help.

Hi brad,

 Your kenmore refrigerator was made by ge for sears.
GE seems to be a hard one to get digital manual for online use.

About how old is your refrigerator?
Most all refrigerators with ice and water dispensers have a child lock out switch. Make sure that is not turned on or nothing will work.

When you put a glass up to the dispenser to get water can you hear the switch click on and off?

If you do not hear the switch click I would check the SWITCH CRADLE ACTUATOR, # 72 in the attached diagram.

Hi Brad, these Ge friges are famous for the wires in the door hinge area breaking also, check these wires carefully....if you have broken wires you have to hope there is enough wire to splice, if not would have to replace the whole door, if this is your problem...also check the door switch, this kills the disp. when the door is opened....Pegi

Many thanks for the help.It was a broken wire at the door,got it fixed.Thanks

Cool, glad I could help you out.... ;)


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