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WM only leaks during wash cycle


Gibson GWX933AS1 fills fine, but leaks out back during wash cycle.  It appears the when the agitator starts the tub begins to spin continously clockwise causing the water to slosh over the tub.  All appears fine during spin cycle.  We took the cover off and found pieces of what appears to be a gasket of sorts on a pan just above the base of the washer.  Any ideas?

This machine likely has a bad transmission. It is designed to spin only when the motor is turning a certain direction and is not supposed to spin while agitating. No telling what you found under the machine, debris-wise. You gotta ask yourself if putting $200 into this machine to begin with is economically sound.... my first option would be to start shopping around.  It would be like opening a can of worms to strip this unit down for a major overhaul like that, as there are tub bearings and seals to worry about as well. This unit was not designed for durability.

It was made by a branch of Frigidaire, and you may get some insight by looking at the Frigidaire Top Load Manual to see if you want to tear into it or not.


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