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pilot light goes out

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Hello   my pilot light keeps going out. I have lit it 3 time now first time was on blackfriday it went out monday  afternoon lit it before I went to work monday at 9pm came home tuesday am it is out,

Model 876.76471

I could not make that model work but what are we working on? A heater? A dryer? A stove?

I think this is a trick question.

Old sears gas furnace: OK I would first replace the thermocouple. It may be getting weak. I would check the pilot light for buildup on it that would cause the flame to be weak and therefore contribute to the pilot going out. Also drafty conditions can cause pilots to blow out.
Now if this is a millivolt type floor furnace it could very well be the pilot generator, or a weak pilot flame. Got pictures of it?  :)

The thermocouple is a cheap first step I agree.  If the pilot light continues to extinguish, then the quality of the flame is probably not sufficient to tell the gas valve (through the thermocouple signal) - that the pilot light is lit - even if the flame is blue.  Just take a Q-tip with some alcohol and clean the flame nozzle (shaper) to remove carbon build up from the orifices - doesn't take much - and the flame will be hot enough to signal a lit pilot light.   I'm 0 for 3 on thermocouples.


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