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He 3 bellows


Just was wondering...well wanted to know how some of you change the bellows on this machine?
   1.Do you take the front panel off?
  2.How much easy'er is to change with front panel off.
I have changed just 2 in my first 2 months,I have not had a chance to do it with the front off yet,the person who is showing me the ropes does'nt take it apart.

I find it a bit frustraiting,so when i go on my own(which is in 2 weeks)I am going to take the front off.I know i am suppose to only have 20 min. a repair(the sears way)but i figure my time will get better as i go along.

ps.The new pic. i have was to please the old lady!  ;D :tickedoff: :2funny:

Think the first two I did by taking the front off.
After that I just leave the front on and fold the bellows to the inside as I attach the back to the tub.

I'm in the process of replacing my bellow on my HE2 and would prefer not to remove the front.  Just cant seem to get the new one back on.  I've tried putting the bellow in the tub with the clamp on then working my way out but the clamp keeps coming off.      How do I handle putting on the clamp?


First place the bellow completely around the rim. Then holding the wire clamp with the spring at the 6:00 position, start the clamp around the left side of the bellows until you get to 12:00. Apply some liquid laundry detergent or Dawn liquid on the bellows rim on the right side to allow the rest of the wire clamp to slide easily onto the bellow. You'll have to constantly hold the left side to keep it from jumping off track, but it should be easier with the  rubber slicked up. The last part to slide on will be the 4:00 to 6:00 section near the clamp.


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