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me floating in my boat

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I have had hell and heaven today :oops: :banana: :cheers: :2funny:I just got back from boat riding. On my river, I ran out of battery but it got dark and I  made it ack paddling. Wow that river and that canal is still there. My boat still floats . I love it.;D :tickedoff:

I been out in my boat all morning and was fixing to go back out and now my friend done showed up with a leaky whirlpool washer, sheesh

Did I mention the hurricane sank my boat and I hauled it out it has been sitting in my yard with a bad motor I got mad and yanked the motor off,The trolling motor still works and the boat will still float, now if the fish will bite.

What kind of fish you catch down there?

brim, shellcracker, mullet, trout, bluefish, croaker, catfish. how about you?


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