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Kenmore gas dryer: PTS button has to be held, tumbles with no heat.

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A little history: In recent months, dry occasionally stoped after 2-3 back to back loads. Had to turn timer to "off" possition and wait a few minutes then restart.
Yesterday, within 5 minutes of first load of the day, dryer stopped. I held down the PTS button, I could hear it tumble so I placed a brick to hold down the button. 15 min later, I check and clothes are cold and still wet..dryer is cold to the touch.
I tried switching the relays as I found mentioned help still the same issue. I pulled the dryer out a little from the wall and noticed the air vent had been damaged and there was quite a bit of lint behind the dryer. I have read several threads and am not sure if I should replace the Thermal fuse and or the control panel assy. Or do I go out and buy a new dryer?

Model 110.73932100

Clogged vent means blown thermal fuse. Easy fix. Is your dryer one of them newer fancier models or does it have the old school tried and true frame? If it is a newer model then the top comes off first then you remove the control panel and lay back the computerized junk. then you remove the top front brace and then the bottom pane and front glide panel. Then you can replace the thermal fuse. The older models have to have the filter and filter screws removed and the top popped. The front removed and the drum out. Then you can clean out the dryer and replace the fuse.

Thanks for the reply. As soon as I got home from work I checked this out. The Thermal Fuse has continuity so from this I take it not to be the problem. I cleaned out all lint found inside and started it back up. The PTS button still has to be held down and the timer is not advancing. As for heat, we did not hook up the gas line to check for I'm sure I delayed my repair. I took a look at the control assy, board looks fine (no obvious burn marks), should I order one of these and see if this takes care of my problem?

Not so fast partner. Have you confirmed the drum is turning when you press the switch? Have you checked the broken belt switch for continuity? Is the Door switch ok?

The drum does turn, the door switch is ok. What is "the broken belt switch"? I tried looking that up on the parts list/diagram and cannot find this.


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