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Whirlpool Duet Washer - F-30 error code and clunking noise in detergent area.


Model Number: WFW9200SQ00

Complaint: Washer does not work. Displays F-30 and makes a clunking noise in the detergent dispenser area.

I have had a dozen or so of these types of service calls in the last couple of weeks. You can watch the video below to see and hear just what is going on.

As with every other duet washer with this problem I just touch the arm and it seems to snap back into place.
I have never had a call back on one of these yet, but was wondering what was going on.

I called the whirlpool tech line today and asked them. They seem to know it's been a problem, but did know what was causing the problem.

I was told to order and replace these parts.

W10161052 Actuator
W10157886 Dispenser
8183186 Actuator Motor

It would be great to get some feedback from others that have had this same trouble with there duets.

Since this link comes up first in Google when searching for this error I thought I would post the fix to this.

I followed this wiki page:

There is a large circular switch on mine that is in the back of the dispenser once you pull it out.  You turn this and bam, it's working.  No need for replacement parts.  I am going to keep an eye on it since I'm not sure how this happened.

Total of 5 seconds to fix once I found the solution.

I followed the instructions and it worked, thanks!


Glad to hear you got it repaired.

Thanks for posting.  O0


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