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jen-air side by side built in

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thers power to the fridge but the lights on the control panel and the lights to the freezer and fridge are not on even the compressor doesn't turn on,help!!! ???

Model js48sedbda

So it's as if the refrigerator has no power?

Check the refrigerator cord for bad spots. Unplug the cord and look at it closely as you feel it with your hand. A mouse could have chewed through it or something.

Here is the service manual for your refrigerator.

16021730 Jenn-Air Intergrated Side-by-Side Refrigerator Service Manual

thank you for the manual it will do wonders O0 :2funny: :rofl:

 :'(The link to the service manual doesn't seem to work!! :'(

Works now, thanks for letting me know.


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