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Video: How to clear a Whirlpool made Refrigerator Defrost Drain Tube.


In this video we show you how to clear the refrigerator defrost drain tube.
Often times the defrost drain tube will get plugged. When this happens on a top mount freezer water will back up from the drain tube causing water to run into the refrigerator section.

In the video show you how to do the repair on a Roper RT18DK refrigerator made by whirlpool.

Make sure you disconnect the power to the refrigerator before you start.
Also make sure you take a hot glass of water and run it down the drain to make sure it is clear and clean before you put everything back together.

Wow, another great videos!

My mother has a Whirlpool refrigerator. It has the freezing compartment on top. She is having a problem with water pooling in the back floor of the freezer and preventing draining.

Once every month or two, I have to remove the plastic bottom of the freezer and with the help of a hair dryer, loosen and remove the ice. Just like in your video. Then it's good for another month or two.

When this ice forms, it then begins to drip into the refrigerator.

I know about clearing the drain and I do that, but this ice seems to form before it has a chance to drain from the freezer. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi jp,

What you need to do is install a heat probe kit.

You will take the probe from the kit and clamp it to the bottom of the heating element just above the defrost drain hole. The bottom of the probe will be inserted into the drain hole.

There is a extra tube in this kit that you will not have to use. It is for much old model refrigerators.
All you will need to use is the probe & screw that is in the kit.

Heat Probe Kit


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