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Rollout Switches


Ever heard someone say: "you had a rollout switch malfunction"
Ever wondered what that is exactly? Well what it is is a small resetable clixon. Many of these are mounted all around the space shuttle( your furnace heehee) What they are is safetys. They keep the furnace from catching fire and burning the house down. Well lets face it we WANT the furnace to catch fire right. But in a controlled way. We want it to actually heat the house not burn it down. LOL! these little buggers are really limit switches with reset buttons.When the vent pipe gets clogged or the burners get rusty,
the flame sometimes rolls out of the chamber and causes these rollouts to pop. They can be reset but be careful, they bite! Remedying the problem fixes the furnace NOT Reseting the rollout. Remember cause and effect. These dudes don't just pop out fer no reason. Maintaining the furnace will keep it going for years. That includes oiling the blower motor twice a year and keeping the unit clean. No rusty burners if you please.  O0


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