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R22 vs R410 Coolant


Whats the difference I know the R22 is being phased out? Does one produce better cooling results?


R410 is not a better product.  The change is specifically due the ozone depleting properties of R22.   R410 is currently probably the best of the subsitute refrigerants ( there are many) in terms of efficiencies.   It is not a casual changeover, due to the complete incompatibility of the oils in the two systems, and the fact that it runs at significantly higher system pressures, and an R410 condensing unit may need a 50% larger ampacity circuit.   

Do you think that explains why the new LG Models with R410 are 3+" larger in size than last years models with R22

No, the only reason they are larger is because they have increased coil sizes for greater efficiency.
The last R-22 unit coming out of factories were much larger that units of previous generations


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