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Kenmore Electric Dryer - Model F60909644


Sears seems to have no record of this model.  It stopped working and we need schematics.  Any idea where to go or what to do?  Unfortunately, we cannot afford new at this time or expensive service call.  Not sure of exact age, but we bought it around 1992, used.  Has been a great little dryer up until about four months ago.

Appreciate your help.

Hi txgal,

After a quick search I could not come up with any diagram ether. I would guess this is because of the age.

There is not much to a electric dryer so it still should not be much trouble to find out what is wrong.

It would be great if we knew who made the dryer. As sears does not make anything, they only put there names on appliances.

If you have had the dryer apart could you describe it for me. Were is the heater located? How about the motor?

What would be even better is if you have a digital camera you could use to post a couple photos of it in our gallery.

So right now it is dead and does not even start, correct?

Mario Tremblay:
retenir la swith de porte et faire tourner le bril tout en poussant sur start si elle demare c est q une bobine du moteur est bruler


   Standard Kenmore model numbers are usually 11 digits. 3 digits followed by a decimal and then 8 more digits. There should be a label with model number and serial number.


Topic is from 2007.


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