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Hey All

I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on which parts are used most often for repairs. I plan to keep some in stock in my truck and in my parts area (cabinet in my garage). I'm starting out on a bit of a shoestring budget, so I would like to keep the dollar amount of inventory to about $1000. Also, do any of the parts websites offer contractor pricing?

Thanks in advance for any advice


This topic maybe helpful for what parts to stock for the direct drive washer.

Common Repair Parts for the Whirlpool Top Load Direct Drive Washer.

--- Quote ---Also, do any of the parts websites offer contractor pricing?
--- End quote ---

What part of the country do you live in?

With a sales tax number you should be able to get set up with a local parts distributor so you can buy at whole sale prices.

Hey thanks for the link, WPT.  I live in Washington state and in my particular area there are very few service techs. It's a rural are, so I know that I'm gonna be doing some windshield time, but I really believe that I can make a go of this.

Another question: What percentage of your repairs are laundry vs refrigeration vs cooking? I'm guessing that laundry is most common due to the amount of moving parts.

From 2006: 285753 coupling $10___80040 dogs $4___
341241 Belt $10___
3392519 fuse $10___279769 limit wp $23___
95405 belt wp $10___
3364290 knob wp $12___4318047 valve single $30___
4318046 valve double $40___
HS 410 start kit $20___HS 650 start kit $20___
312959 belt $10
53-0106 $18___304970 Igniter $20___
LA-1053 $20___211124-25k $20___
21001733 $30___5303937139 $24___
5300622032 $18.50___
5303281154 $12___5303281153 rear bearing $24___
IGN5 $48 _RGB2 $55.50___
WE12X82 belt__$10___WE12X49__$10___
WE3X75 bearing $5___
WE3X87 glide___$7___WH1x1944$7.50___
Heat-cool tstat_$22___univim98_$100.00___
5109 $23___
dryer vent pipe$1.50 per foot, alum

I used to offer all these fast movers at my store


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