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Lid Switch error

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that still doesn't look like an LG model number...

I found a similar model breakdown, and the reed switch assembly is shown at the rear of the cabinet (ref to A170). See the parts blowup here.

Your right on that switch. Most machines I've seen have that particular switch; but for some reason this one doesn't and it doesn't have wiring going to a switch as if it had been removed previously.

Model #
The model # is right this time. This is an LG built in Mexico. Unfortunately, I've found little or no help through LG in Mexico.

If the error display "dE" , pls check safety switch below top .

It doesn't show any other errors in the display. Below the display it shows four or so possible errors. For example fill error, spin error, lid error; the other I don't remember.

I get a lid error. It sure would be nice to find a manual on this machine. I've had no luck with that either.


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