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Lid Switch error

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I have an LG in my shop that gives me a lid switch error and will not agitate nor spin. It simply shuts off and an led with the lable lid switch flash and beeps.

The unique thing however is this machine does not have a lid switch. I have removed the lid, the top of the machine etc. I can't find any wiring connected to the lid; nor any magnetic strips or anything that would relate to a lid switch. The only thing this lid does have is two springs attached.

Anybody run across this problem before? I also need to see a manual for this machine.



this sounds like another wax motor problem. The wax motor locks the lid. when it fails it bleeds pure 120 volts into the board and damages the r11 resister. check out this link:
and use the search forums box to the left for furthur info. Lots of discussions about this problem can be found by searching our forum.

could you check that model number again ?

there is a lid switch on the top load LGs, its a magnetic reed switch in the control panel, the magnet is in the lid, its almost dead center  a strong pocket magnet pick up tool is plenty strong enough to active the switch

Correction on model #


Also re-checked the lid; I can't see anything switch, magnetic or anything that leads me to believe it has a switch. The lid is almost see through; nothing is there.



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