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Creda dryer runs but makes only a little heat

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It looks like the element is right there between the limit switches and the fan. Obviously the red blue and orange wires going to the timer there, so those heavier wires there draw a lot of current from the heating element. You should disconect one wire going into theses safetys and check for continuity between the safetys and through that heaing element. By disconecting a wire from each component it will eliminate the possibility of getting a FALSE reading. The timer by the way is a model that I have seen on machines from other countrys and I aint got a clue as to what you can do to fix it. You can clearly see that the heating energy does go through the timer so if all those safetys have continuity and the heating element as well then it has to be that timer would it not? By the way those 2 white safetys are limit switches and not controllers. Somewhere on that machine is another disk that determines the drum air temp. It will be mounted on the blower housing where the vent pipe is. This thermostat judges the temperature in the dryer and maintains the temp by shutting on and off constantly during the drying cycle. It is a posibility IT has failed. If any of these items do not have continuity then that is why you have no heat.

hello again, i have replaced the element with a small amount of success but...its still not right.
the element has 4 coils, on low heat only 1 coil glows red, on high heat only 2 coils glow red.  i would of thought that on low heat setting 2 coils should glow and on high heat setting all 4 would glow.
if my presumption is correct...whats happening?  is there something straightforward that can cause this?
thanks for your input, john.

Seems to me like maybe you have a problem with the current going into the appliance. Maybe you need to check circuit breakers and such. I have no idea what kind of system you have for electrical. Where are you in the world if you don't mind my asking?

im in england. :D
are the circuit breakers the 2 little things above the element with wires coming in and out?

well those are limit switches. What I am speaking of is your electrical current. Nothing at all to do with the appliance. The wall current may be faulty I an thinking . Are you getting the full amount of voltage from the wall. You have 220 volts for wall current do you not? Is this appliance on a dedicated line with dual breakers to cover the motor and heating system I guess is my question.


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