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Creda dryer runs but makes only a little heat

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i found another limit switch (?) on the dryer's vent.

i checked it by bypassing it as i did with the limit switches above the heater element - no difference evident.
i tested it too...

i found this cylindrical part too, situated by the motor;

what is it please and how can i test it?

in the second picture, the if your're checking OHMS, the meter should deflect all the way to the left.

the thing by the motor is a motor capacitor, used for starting or sometimes used for running.

you could check the color of the wires on the heating element.

look for the big wires and see if those same color wires are connected at the timer.

Al Capone:

--- Quote from: Repair-man on March 27, 2008, 02:45:04 PM ---There's no use asking any further questions unless you have the diagram. We don't know how it's wired.

--- End quote ---

Ask all the questions you want. Repair-man does not have to reply if he does not want to.

Did you ever get this going?

OP should have fitted:
1701746 - timer
1702251 - heater

The thermostats on the heater box are (left) a one-shot safety and (right) a 109c operating thermostat. They are replaced as a pair, p/no 1701896. If the safety has failed, the disc on the front will be dished inwards.

The single commonest cause of failure is opening the door whilst the dryer is running at full heat.

Element failure is usually caused by foreign object damage, typically bra wires being forced through the back of the drum.



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