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Creda dryer runs but makes only a little heat

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hello all, i have been given a creda dryer that runs but makes very little heat.  the heat button is depressed to select full heat, also i turn the timer round to the max.  its about as warm as my breath!  i have cleaned the dryer thoroughly for lint, etc - none found!  the timer does not tick down - i presume it should?
thanks, john.

Model creda tu12

well dude I had to dig deep to find this element in the UK

Trying to get parts in the UK must be quite a chore.

Either you have a bad element or a bad electrical breaker.

thanks for the info, so you dont think the timer is anything to do with it?
should it 'tick' down, and does it matter that it doesnt (as long as i dont leave it on all night!) ?

It s a strong possibility it is the timer. Follow the heat wire from the element to the timer. I am only guessing but this creda dryer is supposed to be a hotpoint and that is GE. I am thinking their are maybe 2 of them elements and one is gone out. Or maybe you have a burnt contact where it is marked RH. This is just a guess but I believe this timer can be taken apart and the points on the contacts cleaned with a file. I have done it on hotpoint timers. If you have the dryer unpluged. you can put a meter between RH(with RH wire removed)by turning the knob you should get continuity between rh and other terminals on the timer. If you cant get a reading then the points on that terminal are burnt. Sometimes these can be cleaned with emory cloth or sandcloth. Have you got any pics of the timer?

hello, i checked the continuity across the heat switch and it switches ok.  i found the 2 little thermostat cut offs and there is a continuity, individually, through the pair of them.
pics of timer...

hope these make sense to you!!
i didn't notice any obvious signs of burnt out parts - im starting to think, like you said(!), its one, or both, elements.


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