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Author Topic: Dishwasher heat element was white and sorta smelled bad and now just stopped  (Read 10459 times)

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This forum seems to sponsor I personally have not used them. Any repair company should be able to get the part for you. Let me know if you have any problems finding it Sher

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I would also like to give a big thanks to all the technicians that volunteer there time here helping others. This site would not be what it is today without all the help I have had with it over the years, thanks!!  O0

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I just wanted to say "Thanks" to all the techs that offered support and advice.  This website is a wonderful place for DIY people.   O'yall .... I meant to ask you technicians what makes the thermal fuse go out ?   Could it be like a power surge ?   Just curious.

Many Thanks, Sher :)

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A Thermal fuse can break 2 different ways.

1. A thermal fuse is looking for a specific temperature.  Once that temp. is reached, The fuse blows. The reason for a device like this is to prevent a melt down of a machine.  There could be another problem inside the machine somewhere. 


2. It blew like a light bulb,  Electrical components only last for so long.  Some light bulbs burn faster then others in homes. Most likely due to poor contacts in the socket that the bulb plugs into. Same goes for every other electrical component.

Lastly, the kit with the Bi-Metal comes with a wire harness.  USE IT!  If you take the short cut installing it, you may be changing that little bugger out again very soon.  Whirlpool has had issues with the original wire harness and the way it contacted the thermal fuse.
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Just a note to all involved ..... received part with harness and hubby installed.  I'm back in business.  HIP HIP HORRAY !!!
You guys are wonderful.  Many Many Thanks !


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Glad to hear that you got it repaired. Thanks for the update.


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