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SAMSUNG Launches New 2010 Home Appliance Line Up
on May 07, 2010
New Products Help High Capacity Moms Do It All with Ease and Efficiency

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, May 5, 2010 – Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics and home appliances, today unveiled its 2010 spring home appliance line-up. Samsung’s new home appliance product line includes a front-loading washer (WF520) with a spacious 5.0 cu.ft. capacity and a new intense PowerFoam™ cleaning technology, a new Four-Door Refrigerator (RF4287) with a unique mid-drawer positioned at counter height that opens to the outside and has independent temperature control, a new line of side-by-side refrigerators highlighted by the RS267 that offers best in class energy efficiency, and the first hybrid induction range.

“At Samsung, we make it a point to listen to families and develop products that address their needs,” said James Politeski, senior vice president of Home Appliance Sales and Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “Whether it’s making laundry products bigger to reduce the number of loads that families have to do, or adding induction cooktop elements to our popular electric range to deliver the best value available, Samsung is dedicated to delivering home appliances that not only get the job done right, but that delight families and bring a sense of wonder to our everyday lives.”

Powerful, Quiet Cleaning With Smart Details That Lighten the Load
Samsung’s new laundry and dishwasher models help get the job done efficiently through innovative features that help add an element of delight to any task.
• 5.0 High Capacity Front-Loading Washer and Dryer (WF520 and DV520) offers a spacious 5.0 cu.ft. capacity to help moms get more wash done in less time. The WF520 also features the newly improved Vibration Reduction Technology™ Plus, which reduces rattling and noise, making it so quiet families hardly know they’re on and allowing them to put their laundry machines anywhere they prefer. Samsung helps eliminate the need for all those stain-treatment sticks with the new PowerFoam™ feature that pre-dissolves detergent into powerful foam for a more thorough washing. In addition, PureCycle™ alerts consumers with a gentle chime after 40 washes and allows consumers to clean their machine with the press of a button using hot water, not harsh chemicals. The WF520 are DV520 are both available in colors stainless platinum or white, and prices range from $1,599-$1,499 for the WF520 and $1,399-$1,549 for the DV520.
• In the kitchen, mealtime clean up becomes effortless with Samsung’s new line of quick and quiet Dishwashers, led by the new DMT800. Through an innovative design to virtually soundproof the motor, the DMT800 is so quiet that families can leave it on while dinner guests are gathered in the kitchen. Samsung also offers peace of mind for moms knowing that their dishes will be cleaned efficiently while also saving energy. With Samsung’s StormWash™ that has a powerful built-in nozzle, a tilted racking system and ample stacking height to clean the messiest pots and sticky spots. Powerful rotating spray jets are perfectly positioned to clean at every angle. Simply place hard-to-clean items above the StormWash wheel on the bottom rack and it scrubs them sparkling clean in a special wash zone for all your tough challenges. The DMT800 is available for $899.

Keeping Things Cool with New Refrigerators
According to the Samsung Home Appliance Consumer Needs Study, families with young children are especially interested in cold food storage and often feel that they never have enough of it. Samsung has created smart new innovation details in its new line of refrigerators to help with organization and temperature control to keep foods fresh longer and within easy reach.

• Samsung’s Four-Door Refrigerator RF4287 offers a counter-height FlexZone Drawer with Temperature Control and SmartDivider that is accessible to everyone in the family. The flexible mid-drawer opens separately from the exterior of the refrigerator, ensuring that no cold air is lost from the main refrigerator or freezer compartments. The drawer itself can be temperature-controlled to store different types of food including snacks, party platters, deli meats, or beverages, and the Smart Divider allows families to adjust how the drawer is organized. It’s proprietary Twin Cooling System® Plus keeps food super fresh by eliminating odor transfer and maintaining optimal humidity levels in each compartment. The RF4287 is available in stainless platinum, stainless steel, black and white for $2,699-$2,999.
• Samsung’s new Energy Efficient Side-By-Side Refrigerators, led by the RS267, are among the most energy efficient refrigerators on the market. Through a combination of innovative features such as a proprietary insulation system, electric temperature sensors, LED tower lighting, and Samsung’s Twin Cooling System, the new side-by-side refrigerators can use up to 30 percent less energy than Department of Energy minimum standards. The RS267 is available in black, white, stainless steel, stainless platinum for $999-$1,799.

What’s Hot in Cooking
Understanding the important tradition of marrying food and family, Samsung brings its innovative engineering ideas to the kitchen with the launch of its new ranges.
• The FE-N500 and FE-N300, Samsung’s Hybrid Induction and Electric Radiant Ranges are the first ranges on the market to offer both induction and radiant electric elements in one cooktop, making it easy to cook the perfect meal. Induction elements use electromagnetic energy to heat only the cookware when placed on the burner, keeping the rest of the cooktop surface cool to the touch and making clean up a breeze, and easy-to-use touch controls allow any cook to achieve the precision of gas cooking. The FE-N500 is available in Stainless Steel for $1,799, and the FE-N300 is available in stainless steel for $1,499.
• The new Freestanding Electric Range FER300 offers a spacious 5.9 cu. ft. oven with a hidden bake element and SteamQuick™ cleaning, enabling families to prepare enough food for tonight’s and tomorrow’s dinner, and make clean up easy. Two dual 9”/6” elements (one of which is a fast boil element) and two 6” elements facilitate cooking a wide variety of dishes, and further enhance the incredible value of this range. The FER300 is available in Stainless Steel for $699, Black and White for $599.


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