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This week we will be prepairing and competing in the Skills USA challenge. Ill be one of the first 4 to compete since our program is new to the Skills USA program and I cant wait...I say bring it on, lets see what Ive learned and lets see if I can apply it and lets see if I have what it takes to be worthy of being a tech that someone would hire.

Ive been working on a resume that they want and require. That was the hard part. I know what Ive done and I know what I know but selling me on paper seemed to be a problem.

 About 8 to 10 local appliance service managers with our instructors and school officials will be judging while 4 of us compete for one spot at the Skills USA nationals that will be held in Kansas City.

Skills USA is an awesome program.  I went to my local vo-tech for Carpentry, and I also competed in skills.  I ended up taking first at districts and states.  Then going to Kansas City to compete for nationals.  Unfortunately  some us got kick out for breaking curfew. It was still a blast and i learned alot.

Good luck, And no "ironing" some chicks clothes after curfew  O0

Ray Bay you have the power of the ApplianceJunk posse backing you up. Do us proud!

Ive been working on the resume they want.  Think I have polished a turd enough to make it look like a rose :2funny:


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