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Tell you friends and family about us and earn referral points!


We now have a referral system in place. You can tell your friends and family members about and earn referral points.

You will need to use the referral link that is in your profile.

In the future we may have prizes you can earn for your referral points.
So don't wait, start sending out your referral link today!

Referral Features

o Adds a referral link to each users profile area

o Users can then paste the link to whoever they want to invite - suitable for email, signatures, messengers, webpages, forums etc

o When a guest/visitor uses the referral link a 'tracking' cookie is placed on their computer, so they can browse away from the link and register on your forum upto 60 days later (unless cookies are deleted) with the referral credited to the referring user.

o Adds 2 Referral stats section showing;
 :: Top 5 Referrers (By Referrals)
 :: Top 5 Referrers (By Referred Members Posts)
 :: Daily/Monthly/Yearly Referrals Stats

o Total Referrals of each user shown in the poster information of each post

o Referrals information shown in Profile Summary
 ::  Shows referral link in profile
 ::  Showing No. of Referrals
 ::  Dropdown showing each member user has referred (Linked to the members profile pages)
 ::  Referral Hits (a.k.a No. of Clicks on your referral link)

o Referred member information also shown in Profile Summary
::  If user was referred, shows the user who referred them and the original date of referral

Have fun and enjoy.  :cheers:


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