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Author Topic: Real world fun  (Read 1878 times)

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Real world fun
« on: April 17, 2010, 02:51:47 AM »

Today in class our Instructor told us we would be going over customer/technition skills after he went over some refrigeration stuff with another class, my class was going to be "bugging" 3 Whirlpool washers while we waited. Anything was fair game EXCEPT disabling the washers beyond repair. Each washer could have up to 2 bugs. The 3 of us were the customers for each machine, Instructor was the tech.

This excercise showed the 3 of us where to start based on a customers complaint. The rules are we were customers and could not give hints to what the problem was, we watched and asked questions. It also has to be an electrical problem, we will get into mechanical problems later.

 The first machine was bugged by removing a part of the centrifical switch. The washer motor would hum but wouldnt start, replicating a bad start winding. The motor would start if spun by hand. Instructor went over each test you would preform based on the customers complaint and what you seen while standing in front of the machine. Our Instructor found the problem, explained the problem then reversed the problem to show us what it would be like if the start winding was working but one of the run windings wasnt.

Machine #2 is mine. I disabled the cold water inlet and the timer motor. My complaint is I cant wash in warm water and I have to manually advance the timer. Monday we will go over mine.

Machine #3 has been bugged with the complaint it fills with water but wont spin. We disabled the lid switch.


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